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Free Gift Cards are Dying 😵...and Taking Many Med Spas With Them☠️

Andres Ribot - Saturday, September 21, 2019

In 2019, the Med Spa industry changed. Forever. Thousands of med spas started losing money trying to compete with FREE giveaways...

They had no idea what worked so they hired a guru, a personal consultant, a marketing consultant, a business consultant, a funnel expert.

They searched for the answers…and heard everyone promising them the world.

“Build a funnel!” said the gurus

“Offer a free gift card” said the personal consultants

“Get a better CRM!” shouted the guys on Youtube

Lots of advice and no real results…

But why?

The way most people teach you to grow your med spa business is the equivalent of building your own prison, even if it has exotic wood paneling and comfy chairs.

And it leaves most in this position...

…Trying to make the old ways of getting clients work in the modern world of digitally-connected people.

Competition and costs continued to rise.

From the sidelines, I watched as dozens of established med spa owners, physicians, and practitioners almost go bankrupt.

And I saw some WEIRD things happen when med spas tried whatever they could to get ahead.

  • Desperate “spray and pray” marketing tactics.
  • Bootleg devices.
  • Discount codes to get anybody and everybody in the door.

And med spas left and right… Going under.

While this was happening, a new breed of med spa owners emerged under the radar.

And as the old guard continued to do things the way they've always been done,” it was just sad watching formerly successful med spas fight for the scraps.

It was basically the perfect recipe for the end of many businesses.

And unfortunately, that’s where a lot of med spas went…

To an early grave.

What's even more disturbing is that the marketing firms and gurus in the industry didn't have any helpful answers.

Ask the so-called experts what you should do to market your med spa and they say…

  • “That depends. What kind of stuff do YOU want to do?”
  • (No, I’m not making this up.)
  • “We can try direct mail. Or newspaper ads. Or radio. Or local TV. Whatever you feel like."

Why does this feel like you have become a Guinea pig?

Why does this feel like all of this is just grasping at straws?

Because the truth is…

The “old guard” IS grasping at straws.

Selling more low end memberships NOT the answer.

Sending Text Messages that offers a free facial is NOT the answer.

Paying thousands a month for SEO is NOT the answer.


That’s the bad news…

And remember how I said I had GOOD news, too?

The good news is that history doesn’t have to repeat itself. €€

You don’t have to do in 2019…

What so many med spa owners did in 2018.

They didn’t have effective methods for reaching the market…

And they just haven’t been able to compete against the new med spas coming up.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

I’ve talked with hundreds of med spa owners, and what I’ve seen is frightening.

(Here’s the short version: getting clients the old way is HARD, and it’s only getting worse.)

But YOU don’t have to go down in flames with them.

You can have a line of clients around the door.

And a calendar that’s consistently filled with appointments.

Because you I want to show you how to attract clients to your business in 2019.

You probably already know how to do it—what I teach med spa owners is actually pretty simple.

In other words, you don’t need to be a “Big Bang Theory” nerd with a pocket protector to figure it out.

Yet, for some reason… You’ve never done it.

For some med spa owners this is a straight path to consistent growth. Clear as day.

But it’s deep, dark, midnight for you, isn’t it?

So how are they doing it?

I’ll teach you how… And I’ll show you that:

  • The most successful med spa owners aren’t selling “CoolSculpting or Emsculpt”… They’re selling something else.
  • They understand their client as well as—or better than—anyone else in the market.
  • They don’t care about referrals. They don’t have to. (Though they’ll still take them. Who wouldn’t?)
  • They’ve not only changed the game… They’ve made up a whole new set of rules. And because of that, they’re winning.
  • So…

    I’d like to be a beacon of light in the middle of your dark night.

    You can register here for free:

    Watch the Training

    I put it together to show you how to 2x, 3x… Even 4x or 5x your med spa in the next 12 months using the key insights I bulleted out above.

    My team and I have been helping med spas both big and small make enormous changes to how they attract clients.

    And now THEY’RE the ones who are winning.

    In this free training you’ll learn:

    • How to create a competitive advantage as a med spa: one that changes the game and has CLIENTS chasing YOU—not the other way around.
    • How to predictably get a steady stream of clients without wasting years networking, building up a client base, or throwing money down the drain on ineffective marketing.
    • How to grow your med spa FAST—whether you’re new to the industry, or you already have a 7-figure business.

    Here is that link again:

    Watch the Training

    Go get’ em.

    Andrés Ribot, President - Ribot Studios

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