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How Smart Med Spa Owners Keep the Slow Seasons Busy

Andres Ribot - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

With over 2,000 medical spas in the United States, some stand out above them all.

Maybe there’s one in your town, or down the freeway or upstate.

You know the kind I mean—we all know that one spa that somehow enjoys a steady stream of clients all year ‘round.

You’ve probably seen their ads. After all—doesn’t it seem like they’re constantly running them?

Well, guess what?

This is no coincidence.


It’s not (necessarily) that they spend a lot

Now I know this probably isn’t the nugget of wisdom you were looking for, but the truth is the “big” Medical Spas—the ones you see everywhere online—are spending their way to the top.

Here is some data showing how much one multi-location Medical Spa is spending on a monthly basis:

$4,000 per month! That’s crazy!

But here’s the good news.

The fact that they’re spending a lot isn’t what helps them rise to the top…

It’s that they’re spending smart

Listen… I know what you’re thinking. “How can spending $4,000 per month on ads actually be profitable?”

Well it can be, if you do it right.

But first…


This is what you’re probably doing instead. Many Medical Spa owners—maybe even you—rely on word of mouth and referrals for growth.

These methods are effective, but they’re just not reliable.

You can’t always count on them.

And they’re not scalable either. At some point, you’re going to hit a limit—your customers only know “so many” other people.

But the good news is that you too can adopt the same winning strategy that “the big guys” use… and take it to the bank.

But you have to do three things first.

Play like the “big guys,” step 1. Change your mindset

Let me ask you this…

If I gave you $50 for every $1 you gave me, how many times would you do that transaction?

If you were smart, your answer would be “As many times as you’ll let me!”

And that’s exactly what the big Medical Spas understand.

They know:

  • Exactly who their ideal customers are
  • How much each of those customers is worth to them—how much each one spends per year in their Medical Spa
  • How much they’re willing to pay to get each one of those patients
  • How to reliably get money at the end of the process just by paying money at the beginning of the process

And that’s it!


Play like the “big guys,” step 2: Determine who your ideal customers are Here’s how Entrepreneur.com suggests you figure out who your ideal customer is:

1. Look at your service from your customer's point of view. What does your service do for your ideal customer? What problems does it solve? Go beyond the obvious. For example, CoolSculpting helps get rid of unsightly fat. But what does that mean? Is your customer buying self-confidence? Self-esteem? Sexiness? Freedom from aging?

2. Define the ideal customer for what you sell. Let’s stick with the CoolSculpting example. Is your ideal customer a mom who had her second baby a year ago, struggling to get rid of the weight? Or is it a soon-to-be-retired executive who’s always been embarrassed by his double chin?

3. Determine the location of your customer. Where does he or she live? Work? Spend time online?

4. Think about when your ideal customer buys your service. Our new mom may be thinking about losing fat a few months before beach season. For our executive, losing fat may be a New Year’s resolution.

5. Determine how your customer buys. It’s unlikely that someone will click on your ad and immediately sign up for $1,500 worth of treatment. So how will you begin a relationship with your soon-to-be-customer? How can you keep talking to them once they visit your site? And how can you be seen as a trusted expert when it’s time for them to take the plunge and buy your service?

Play like the “big guys,” step 3: Ask for help with the grunt work

The best spas know how much each client spends on average—let’s say $2,400 per year.

Based on that, they determine what they can afford to pay to acquire each one. Let’s say that’s $100.

That means they can buy $100 worth of online ads to bring people to their site—and as long as they get one customer for every $100 they spend, they know they’ll be getting $2,400 back.

Can you see now why they spend like crazy? They could afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on getting a single customer and still turn a profit!


But here’s the real secret about what they’re doing…

They had help.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s all the work that goes into a successful ad campaign:

  • Doing the work I described above to identify your ideal customer.
  • Writing all the ad text, special web pages called landing pages, downloadable reports, email follow-ups… and all the other bits of text that go into a successful lead-generation campaign.
  • Setting up ads, spending money on ads, managing ads, checking to make sure that ads are working, analyzing ads, setting up more ads… and so on.

Do you think the top Medical Spas knew how to do all that by themselves?

No! They’re running a busy Med Spa! They don’t have time to learn all that stuff.

Yes, they have an exact plan and budget in place so that they can go out and “buy” clients.


Somebody taught them that plan…

Someone… Like me.

You can learn how for free

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