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7 critical issues with your MedSpa website that are costing you clients and money

Andres Ribot - Thursday, October 06, 2016

In this post I have decided to show the 7 most common critical issues with MedSpa websites that could be costing clients and money.

My goal here is to show the most common problems we see with MedSpa websites and also the solutions to fix them.

At the end of this post you will be able to identify the problems with your medspas website and what you should be doing to capture more clients and earn more sales.

Here are the 7 critical issues with your website that we’ll now go over.

Critical Issue #1:

Your website is more like brochure website than a website that sells

Why is having a brochure website a problem?

If your website resembles a brochure where it mostly contains information about what your medical spa does, lists products and services offered, etc., it doesn’t engage with the client or show them how to solve their problems. It needs to be like a mini-salesperson and push them into action.

I mean that it should have the ability to help your clients take specific steps that guide them toward taking action to book a consultation. Also, your website’s wording should evoke your client’s emotions in a fashion that leads them to call you and book a treatment.

So what is the solution?

Creating a statement that captures the interest of your clients, where you talk about their current situation and the problems they might be having and then how your services might solve those problems. Target their pain point and provide solutions and you should tell your clients why they should choose your company over the competition.

Critical Issue #2:

Your website does not capture the names and emails of it’s visitors

Why is this a big problem?

If your website is not capturing the names and emails of it's visitors then it is misses a HUGE opportunity to capture the names and e-mail addresses of people who are interested.

When people see your ads what do you think they do first…they visit your website to research it themselves.

You might get some “book now” people who are ready to go but that is a small number of a potentially much larger market.

Ok, so how do we solve this big issue?

By capturing the information of those people who are interested but might not be ready to book right now.

We can solve this by offering some free information. For example "9 Questions to ask before getting CoolSculpting" 

Prospects will give their email address in exchange for useful information. Over time you can set up some autoresponders to drip educational information to people via email - you are going to build up trust and nurture them so when they are ready to book you will be their top choice.

Critical Issue #3:

Your website focuses on features instead of client benefits

Why is this a big problem?

Does your website copy talk more about your business and the features of your business than the actual benefits that the client will receive.

So the reason why potential patient are landing on your site is because they are after some type of benefit or some type of desired outcome.

There are a number of benefits that people are after and by changing your copy to be more patient oriented you will actually drive deep desire into the people who are interested in your services.

I recommend the following:

Focus more on the benefits to your clients that your products and services offer.

In this way, you can affect the emotional deep desire of your clients which is very powerful in convincing them to book.

Critical Issue #4:

You don’t use headlines to capture interest quickly

Why is this a big problem? With headlines you want to create an itch that has to be scratched.

Think about how you read the newspaper.

You skim across the articles until something draws your attention.

People land on your page and you literally have 2-3 seconds to capture their attention. They will hit the back button and go to one of your competitors and when your competitors have a better way to capture your client's interest, they have won them.

Here is what I recommend:

Create a headline that can hook your clients to draw their interest and attention to read more.

Use a headline that is client oriented; a headline that your clients would see what are the benefits they will get.

Critical Issue #5:

Your ad landing page has no clear outcome or you are missing key elements

Why is this a big problem? With landing pages you want to have a clear outcome to guide the user to take action.

Think about how a user is interacting with your ad and the landing page.

By not providing clear action steps you are leaving it up to them to take action.

People land on your page and are most likely arriving at your landing page and are confused on what to do next. This is costing you clicks and money and clients.


Create a landing page tells the prospect what to do next. “CALL TODAY” or “Book Your Experience” or even “Learn More

By guiding the prospect to take that NEXT STEP you page functions as a sales funnel that will bring new clients in and convert them to paying clients.

Here are the key elements you need on your landing pages:

Key Landing Page Element #1: Strong Headline

Choose a headline that speaks to the core desire of your prospects. The best headlines can paint a picture that your prospective patient can live inside of and establish an emotional connection that resonates with their core desire.

Key Landing Page Element #2: Hero Image/ Video

People don’t buy based on logic—they buy based on emotions and justify their purchases later. And what’s the easiest way to stir their emotions? Striking photos and engaging video. First impressions are everything online.

Key Landing Page Element #3: Strong Ad Copy

Here you put your benefits paragraphs and state what your prospect is going to get from the treatment.

Key Landing Page Element #4: Before & After Photos

Featuring before and after photos gives your prospects a view of the treatment results and proves you have a solution to their problem.

Key Landing Page Element #5: FAQ's

Here you can feature the most common questions people have about the treatment. Answering these questions in advance will keep you one step ahead of your competitors landing page.

Key Landing Page Element #6: Call to Action Buttons - (CTA Buttons)

CTA buttons are essential to the success of your landing pages. Don't be afraid of telling people what to do, so buttons like "Yes, I would like a Free Consultation" work perfectly. Prospects will do what your tell them to do if you message resonates with them.

Key Landing Page Element #7: Web Form or Booking Button

Having a web form for a free consultation or a button that takes them to a web form is exactly what you want for a successful landing page.

Critical Issue #6:

You don’t have a mobile friendly site

This is a big issue. If I pull up your website or anyone pulls up your website they are just not going to get an optimal experience..

I have an article here that shows you why this is important.

So what I recommend here is either take your existing site and build out another site that is mobile friendly or code your current site to optimize itself for mobile viewing automatically.

Critical Issue #7:

You don't have testimonials 

So why are having testimonials on your website a big missed opportunity?

Your happy clients are really your best sales people that you have and you have an opportunity to give them a bigger voice on your website and really on every page. What this does is build trust with your visitors because people identify with a voice that is not coming directly from person or company that is trying to sell to them.

So how did your website stack up?

How did you score?

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