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The Secret Facebook Tools That Target Patients For Your Coolsculpting Service

Andres Ribot - Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Shhh…. Want to know a secret?

Five secrets, actually.

These are the things profitable medical spas know about their Facebook advertising—that unprofitable ones don’t.

Asking these key questions will uncover the critical issues that are costing you money… And put you on track to joining the profitable spas in advertising success.

Secret #1: Profitable med spas know how many consultations they get from their Facebook ads

This is a big one. If the person running your Facebook advertising can’t tell you this, I’ll be straight— you should think about hiring an expert. You absolutely can’t be running Facebook ads if no-one can tell you the exact number of consultations you get, both on a daily basis and every month.

Why is it so important? This number is crucial to understanding whether your Facebook Advertising campaign is profitable or not.

In my experience running Facebook campaigns for other medical spas, if you’re spending about $100 per day you should be getting 3-4 consultations requests every day. That means between 90 and 120 people wanting a consultation with you per month.

If you’re not getting these results—or worse, if you don’t know what results you’re getting—it’s time to change how you do Facebook advertising.

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Secret #2: They know exactly how much they’re spending on Facebook ads—to the penny

Profitable med spas set their advertising budget at the beginning of the month and stick to it.

So if you decide to spend $2,800 for the month, your daily advertising spend would be $94 per day. At $94 per day, your ads will be seen by about 3,700 people every day of the week. That’s about two-and-a-half cents per ad.

Making sure this budget does not go under or over is very important to the success of your Facebook Advertising campaign. Which means that if you don’t know your budget, or your ad costs look wildly different than these numbers, you’re in trouble.

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Secret #3: Profitable med spas laser-target their audience on Facebook

Knowing who you’re targeting on Facebook is critical for any Facebook Advertising campaign. You should ask yourself:

  • Your ideal customer’s age
  • Their location
  • Their interests
  • Their pains
  • Their secret desires

Profitable medical spas know all of these things about the people they’re targeting with their ads—which helps them show more relevant ads on Facebook. That, in turn, helps them make more money.

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Secret #4: They are retargeting masters

The ability to “retarget”—show ads to people who’ve already been to your site—is perhaps one of the more powerful tools Facebook has.

Imagine this scenario. Someone clicks on your ad and sees your landing page… But does NOT book a consultation. With Facebook you can say “Show my ads to people who saw my landing page but didn’t see the “Thank You” page that appears after you book.” In this way you can show ads only to people who visited but didn’t book.

And that means you can write even more relevant ads—ads that say, for example, “Hey, we noticed that you clicked on our ad but you never made a consultation. Here are 3 reasons why you should.”

Retargeting ads are a powerful way to nurture prospects who are interested but not yet ready to get a treatment. By staying in touch with them, you’ll find that over the long-term you’ll make a surprising amount of money.

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Secret #5: Profitable medical spas know how to use lookalikes

Facebook’s “lookalike audience” feature is another incredibly powerful way to show your ads to people. This time, it’s about advertising to people who may never have heard of you before—but who are very similar in age, location and habits to people who have already booked a consultation.

You start by uploading an email list of people who’ve bought from you before. Facebook will examine the profiles of the ones who are on Facebook, looking for commonalities.

Now let’s say Facebook notices that the women who click on your ads, more often than not, have a college degree, read Vogue magazine, have a high family income, and have at least 1 child.

Without even knowing that exact combination (some things are better left up to Facebook) you can nonetheless say “Please show my ads to people similar to the ones I uploaded.”

That means, by creating a lookalike audience, in this example we’re essentially saying “Show my ads to affluent college-educated mothers who read Vogue.”

The best part is lookalikes work. Here’s a real-life example: our most recent client gave us an email list of 2700 people. Uploading this list into Facebook this created an audience of 2 million users. Modifying this audience to include only a specific age and certain locations gave us an audience of 270,000 people that we could show the Facebook ads to.

You’ll think it’s magic, but it’s not—it’s just the power of lookalike audiences.

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