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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Advertising CoolSculpting® on Facebook

Andres Ribot - Saturday, November 19, 2016

Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing for CoolSculpting— and the platform just keeps improving.

With new tools and targeting features, you can now use Facebook to reach out to prospective patients for your Med Spa with more precision than ever before.

But if you’re thinking about advertising CoolSculpting for your clinic—or even if you’ve already started—you should ask yourself these questions.

Question 1: Am I about to pay too much for my Facebook ads?

If you’ve been in business for the last few years, you know that things have shifted dramatically for those in our industry.

Many of the marketing and advertising methods that clinics and medical spas are using today are totally obsolete.

But marketing your Med Spa business online comes with some significant challenges that most businesses are not prepared for. Those obstacles usually lead to time and money simply slipping through your fingers.

Perhaps the biggest among these is the cost of running an ad campaign online. Those dollars can quickly add up.

But the good news is that ZELTIQ will pay for half of your Facebook ads for CoolSculpting! That is, if you do them right. When you submit your invoices, correctly ZELTIQ will even reimburse you for the vendor management fees—the money you pay to a Facebook ads consultant to help you with your campaign.

Imagine getting $4,000 of ads and management fees—but spending only $2,000! It’s possible… if you hire an ad agency that knows what they’re doing with CoolSculpting online.

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Question 2. Are my Facebook ads going to my website homepage—or to a specifically designed landing page?

Sending your CoolSculpting ads to your homepage is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make.

Why is this a big problem? With Facebook ads, you want the pages that your prospects lands on to clearly guides the visitor to act.

If you are offering all of your services—and not just CoolSculpting—on this destination page, then your prospective patient is going to be confused on what to do next.

And on the web, confusion means lost opportunity. If they don’t know what to do… Chances are they’ll do what you don’t want them to—leave.

Being more specific gives people what they were promised when they clicked on your ad—which can lead to more CoolSculpting inquiries.

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Question 3. Are my Facebook ads using words like “permanent or forever”?

Using words like “permanent or forever” will not meet ZELTIQ’s guidelines and your ads will be rejected for use.

Instead, consider writing your ad as a first-person story. This story should illustrate the pain that someone felt, and how they found a solution.

By keeping that “solution” a bit vague, your prospect will identify with that problem and will be curious to find out more.

And curiosity means the best thing on Facebook… A click on your ad.

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Question 4. Are my Facebook ads setting unrealistic expectations?

Like all other ads, your advertising on Facebook must set realistic expectations.

So, saying things like “no pain, immediate results, and XX% reduction" will get your ads flagged as deceptive—and it goes without saying that deceptive ads won’t meet ZELTIQ’s requirements.

Instead, try featuring some of the many benefits of the CoolSculpting procedure. For example, being able to remove fat without surgery; quick easy treatments that don’t require downtime; etc.

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Question 5. Do my Facebook Ads speaking to my readers’ true desires?

Writing a compelling ad isn’t as easy as it seems. For example, 80% of readers look only at the headline before deciding to move on—so it goes without saying that your headline needs to connect with a reader on an emotional level and speak to her unspoken desires.

To do that more effectively, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • 1. Does my headline address my reader’s true, often unspoken, desire?
  • 2. Does my headline talk about the feature and benefits of CoolSculpting?
  • 3. Does my headline create an emotional connection that the reader can feel as a reality?
Here are two headlines that work and hit all the points above:
  • How I went from “Don’t want to be seen” to “Can’t wait to go out”
  • It's Time To Have a Date With That "Someday” Dress

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