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3 Big Mistakes That Cause Med Spas to Lose Money with Facebook Advertising

Andres Ribot - Saturday, June 01, 2019

Every day of the week I talk to Med Spa Directors from all over the country.

Almost all of them tell me the same old story about what it was like to run Facebook ads.

  • “It just didn’t work for us.”
  • “We tried some posts and it worked… but only for a little while.”
  • “We had no idea whether any of it was translating into sales!”

These are common complaints… If you’ve been in this industry for any length of time you have heard the horror stories of Med Spas spending thousands of dollars—only get a few clients.

But just like in life, when you don't know what you are doing on Facebook you fail. And sometimes you fail… HARD. So hard you feel it in your credit card.

There’s good news though.

Most Med Spas who fail on Facebook are making one of three simple mistakes.

Big Mistake #1: Med Spas are using their ads to send visitors to their home page

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Everyone loves the homepage of their website, right?

It’s the first thing people see when they type in your web address or click on your link.

But sending your Facebook visitors to this page? Big mistake.

Here’s why.

They clicked on your ad for a reason. And with all the distraction on your home page, it ends up being hard for them to find what they wanted. With so many choices on your homepage it's easy to get distracted.

It's like that overwhelm you feel at the grocery store when you’re trying to pick the one yogurt you want out of the 50 different kinds on the shelf. "What was I looking for again...?"

So why is sending your Facebook advertising visitors to your homepage such a BIG problem? Because too much distraction can cause visitors to leave your site without doing anything.

Bingo. You just paid to bring someone to your site… And they left.

Let’s think for a moment about someone who has clicked on a Facebook Ad for ZELTIQ’s CoolSculpting® procedure.

When they are going to EXPECT is to land on a page that talks about “CoolSculpting”—and they’ll be looking for those words.

Unfortunately, if you’re sending to people to your home page, it’s probably going to be extremely difficult to find anything about CoolSculpting. Especially if your CoolSculpting is hiding in your menu under something like “Other Treatments > Liposuction and Other Techniques > Cryolipolysis.”

So it’s important that when a visitor clicks on a CoolSculpting ad that they land on a specific page—called, naturally, a landing page—that is only about CoolSculpting.

That’s what they want—otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked on the ad.

So give it to them.

Being more specific will give visitors what they feel they were promised by your ad when they clicked on your ad—which will lead to more of them contacting you when they reach your landing page.

All of your ads should be set up this way. If you’re not sending your ads to specific landing pages, you’re wasting money—and you should consider having an advertising expert design them for you.

Big Mistake #2: Med Spas write boring ads

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To make Facebook Advertising work for you—and not against you—first need to accomplish one important thing.

Make visitors click!

To do that, you need to get your ad noticed with a great visual. You need to hook your readers with a great headline that speaks to their pain or piques their curiosity. And you need to give them a great reason to click.

Ads that are effective talk about the benefits you have to offer, and give some sense of what makes you stand out from the other Med Spas in your area.

Writing ads that speak to the hidden desires of your prospective clients is hard to do, though. Many Med Spas work with professional copywriters for just this reason.

Big Mistake 3: Med Spas “get behind the cockpit” without knowing “how to fly the plane.”

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With over 100 settings and features, getting Facebook Advertising running can feel a lot like trying to pilot an F-22 fighter jet.

What do you think would happen if you put a novice in the pilot's seat of a fighter and told them, “FLY!”

Even if they got off the ground, chances are the end result would be a disaster.

An F-22 plane is a high- performance machine that can do some incredible things.

But it requires an experienced pilot. A person who knows how to maneuver it, and has been flying through the skies—not just sitting on the runway.

With Facebook Advertising there is not much of a difference.

Whoever’s “piloting” the ads has to know advertising inside and out—and have extensive, first-hand knowledge of what actually works and what doesn’t.

And as an expert in running Facebook campaigns I can tell you—if you don’t know what you’re doing… Or, worse, you’re working with a vendor that has no real knowledge of this powerful tool… You may as well take your money and throw it into the fire.

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Are you looking for a pilot?

Your chance of generating a steady flow of Med Spa leads grows exponentially when you hand the keys to an experienced pilot—someone who has flown the skies hundreds of times and doesn't need to learn how to fly the plane.

Someone like us, for example.

Each day, my team spends long hours building and improving digital advertising campaigns for Med Spas around the country.

Some Med Spas want 16/leads per month. Some want to grow their business from $2 million to $3 million.

But what I do for all of them is figure out how to get them the leads they need… For as low as $33/lead.

I only work with Med Spas. And only with Med Spas that want to scale and grow, but don't have a steady flow of good leads.

What about you?

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