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How She Broke the "Rules" to Diamond Level in 6 months

Andres Ribot - Sunday, October 01, 2017


Are you hearing any of this?

Do Facebook boost Posts

Do Google Adwords

Do internal marketing

Do TV ads

Do ads in your local publications

Buy billboard ads

Get on the radio

(And my favorite)


And so on…

This is “common sense, right?” After all, it’s how you’re “supposed” to market your business.

But here is what I discovered from talking 1st hand with Coolsculpting providers that they are not telling you.

This shotgun approach doesn’t work...

And what it really does is lead to lots of time and money being wasted.

This is what people do when they don’t know what works.

And the reason is this…

Your message in the market will not have enough distribution or pull for anyone to see or hear it with any relevant force.


This isn't going to be you.

Let the other Med Spas fight over the unqualified prospects.

Let them spend their time on poorly attended CoolEvents and crap leads from free giveaways.

Let them pour their blood sweat and tears into their business.

While missing out on night and weekends their family they can never get back.

Let them buy leads and boost posts and all the other street beggar tactics the experts are telling them to do.


You can build the Medical Spa of your Dreams, with great patients that value your time, and trust you.

They will organically give you referrals.

You will attract new patients into your business that have never heard of you before AND you will grow faster than you ever thought possible.

My system will work for you if you are just starting out, you inherited a Med Spa or you have been in the business for the last 7 years.

If your business is already doing well—but you’re stuck on how to get more Coolsculpting patients predictably, the video might be for you.

Click here to learn more


Want to learn more about how to turn the internet into a patient-generating machine for your medical spa?

Apply for a complimentary ad strategy session with me...

And I’ll show you how—for free.

At the end of this free session, you can choose to either take this information away and implement it yourself, or hire me to do it for you… Or even hire somebody else to put it in place!

There are absolutely no obligations to work with me or my services unless you choose to.

Of course, I’d love to help you implement my proven system but I’ll say it again…

You’ll be under no obligation to do so. There’s absolutely no risk when you say yes to this free call.

Don’t you think it’s time you leveled the playing field and learned the secrets the big guys are already using to dominate the Med Spa market?

Book your free strategy session today.

Here’s to your success!

National Online Marketing Consultant
Helping Medical Spas Across the Country

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